How It Works


Once registered your free customer ordering website, online management site, and free promotional tools will be live instantly. Your welcome packet with your free brochures will be in the mail the next business day.



Select either a free paper kit, or a sample kit with a range of products for a low refundable deposit of $40.



Use the online promotional tools to share your website. Distribute your brochures with your sellers.



Enter and approve orders, submit your bulk order and you are on your way to your goal!

Registered fundraisers share their personalized online ordering website with what ever means they see fit, including our promotional tools. Organizers handout the super simple brochure to the sellers. The brochure is so simple even a kindergartner can use it! Orders are pooled into a bulk order until ready to submit. Multiple orders are encouraged - fundraise all year!

Our Best Sellers


Here is a small sampling of products that are available to our fundraiser partners! You won't find any over priced candy, coffee or cookie dough here. All of our products are beautiful and valued personalized gifts you can sell to your customers for less than retail price!

Our Services


Simplicity is the buzzword around here. We strive to provide the services you need to run a successful fundraiser. At the end of the day, if a kindergartnerer can not use our tools successfully, we are not doing it right!


Free online ordering site

This full featured website is customized to your group, and has features to track which seller to give credit to. Also there is an optimized organizer order page for translating the simple brochures into your bulk order!


Free brochure for off line ordering

Nothing beats the simplicity of a one page order form with a few best selling products listed. This is a great way to enable your younger sellers to make a contribution to your goals.


Management site to track members selling

The fundraiser management site not only allows the organizer to track the progress towards their goals, there is also a host of promotional tools there for you to share to drive traffic to your custom ordering website.


Free promotional tools

If people don't know about your fundraiser, you can not make sales. While the brochures are an excellent option for offline sales, we also have a full suite of online tools just a click away to help you drive traffic to your custome website.

Your Profits


While we don't offer a standard percentage profit for you can use this calculator to give a reasonable approximation to how much money you can make based on how many in your group are selling!

Profit Calculator!

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Aren't you tired of selling overpriced cookies, pizzas and candles? Give us a try and find out what selling high quality personalized items at below retail feelsl like. Your group will love the fresh change and exceptional value they receive, while your group reaches its goal!